‘’one‘’ depicts the journey of an artist who, in the face of adversity, transcends his reality to arrive at a higher level of consciousness and a deeper understanding of his art.

This mirrors the evolution of ballet as a stage-centric art form into a modern language for an empathetic cinematic experience; a way for ballet to stay meaningful through a new format.

Renowned choreographer David Dawson and Daniil Simkin, one of the world’s foremost classical ballet dancers, create an emotional journey that depicts the struggle of artists to create art in the context of flux.

Frightened at first, the dancer in the film feels the isolation we all feel at times of great distress but then comes to understand the transformative power of his art, even if he is alone.

As the choreographic leitmotif in Mr. Dawson’s dance, the spiral has long been a symbol of rebirth and enlightenment. ‘’one‘’ underscores that adversity can lead to awakening and beauty – a path forward on a higher level, for the individual as well as for the art form at large.

Panel discussion with Whitney Wei, Désiré Feuerle and Daniil Simkin and the initial screening of “one” at the Feuerle Collection in Berlin, May 2023 (23min)

Behind the scenes

Made possible with generous support by:

Perry & Martin Granoff, Susan J. Campbell, Barbara Goldstein, Andrew Martin Weber, Irene Shen, Judith M. Hoffman, Meryl Rosofsky & Stuart Coleman, Sarah Arison, Sharon Patrick, Rod Brayman, Patricia & David Belote, Ed & Linda Morse, Mason Granger, Steve Pesner, Martin & Linda Fell, Deborah & Charles Adelman, Deborah Davis, Yvonne Chen

Special thanks:

Harlequin Floors, Daniel at Körper Kreuzberg, Linda Shelton, Meg White, Merel Laseur, Ross LeClair, Staatsballett Berlin, The Feuerle Collection

Created and produced by

Studio Simkin


Daniil Simkin


David Dawson


Matthäus Bussmann

Production Company

Dance Masterclass

Executive Producer

Studio Simkin

Visual Concept

Mariam Medvedeva

Director of Photography

Caspar Hees


Sequence (Four) by Peter Gregson, performed by Mari Samuelsen

Costume Design

Leon Emanuel Blanck x Studio Simkin

Costume Assistant

Giuliana Maria Mamone


Fabian Döring


Altin Kaftira & Daniil Simkin

Choreography Assistant

Raphaël Coumes-Marquet

Additional Crew

Please see credits at end of film