Simkin and the …

Once upon a time in New York City, Alexander Ekman and Daniil Simkin departed on a creative journey that would span over several years and would result in several vignettes depicting a specimen named “Simkin” in various forms and in various ways in its different habitats.

Simkin and the Quarantine

Simkin and the Quarantine 2

Simkin and the Omicron

It all started with “Simkin and the City” in summer 2013 where the aforementioned specimen took a stroll on the Upper West Side looking for vital performance opportunities.

Directed & shot

Alexander Ekman

Shot & edited

T.M. Rives

It continued with “Simkin and the Stage” in 2015 which was created for Studio Simkin’s Intensio program as a stage performance. It provided background information on where it all stemmed from as well as clarification on the ways “Simkin” communicates with the outside world.